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Alibaba, the e-commerce giant on 60 Minutes Tonight
CBS-Alibaba-TeamPlease tune in tonight, Sept. 28 for 60 Minutes and meet Jack Ma, the charismatic founder of Alibaba, the e-commerce giant that just issued the biggest public offering of its stock in Wall Street history.  When I first met him a year and a half ago, I was immediately struck by the notion that Ma is a giant in a small frame, as you can see from our joint photo with his Alibaba team.  And yes, that’s my son Daniel on the right, who joined my 60 Minutes team while we were in China to work as a translator, fixer and  as my personal shlepper.  Never had such a qualified or attentive aide-de-camp.   The correspondent is Lara Logan.
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Why this week’s massive TWC Internet outage was worse than you thought

time_warner_cableTime Warner Cable suffered a massive Internet outage this week that left more than 11 million customers without Internet access for approximately three hours. No biggie, though, these sorts of things happen every now and then… right? Well, maybe. But MIT’s Technology Review has talked with some experts who say that TWC’s big outage this week raises some troubling questions about its overall infrastructure.

FLASHBACK: Time Warner Cable is suffering a massive Internet outage right now

To start with, Technology Review notes that it seems a single human error was somehow able to cascade throughout TWC’s entire network and leave it crippled for hours. David Erickson, a cofounder of networking software company Forward Networks, says that such mistakes are “entirely preventable” while implying that a big company like TWC should really be more on top of its game.

And Jonathan Zittrain, a professor of Internet law at Harvard Law School, tellsTechnology Review that he’s most disturbed that TWC hasn’t disclosed many details about the outage that would give us a better idea of exactly what caused it and whether it was something that TWC should have been able to prevent with due diligence.

“We ought to have standards for release of data by broadband providers to allow apples-to-apples comparisons and tracking of outages over time so the public, and policymakers, can gauge trends in connectivity,” Zittrain explained, while also saying that such outages are magnified when an ISP has a last-mile monopoly in any given area.