Google Fiber goes to Charlotte and Raleigh, Greensboro has another option

City of GreensboroSunday, February 14, 2015 Update: I have been questioned about my source of this information regarding the City/County officials and their commitment to Google Fiber in Greensboro will verify this soon. I am told that County and City officials in Greensboro voted not to offer Google any financial incentives or support to build fiber optics to homes and businesses in Greensboro which would have had a major economic boost to the local economy in addition attract high tech jobs and businesses to Greensboro. This information is unconfirmed but my sources are reliable. This disappoints me that our City and County officials are so blind to this incredible opportunity to take Greensboro from a textile, insurance and tobacco city to a tech savvy city that will have the ability to compete in the world market for new business opportunities. I welcome any feedback on this matter from anyone that knows more about this lame decision on the part of our city/county officials.

In Raleigh Gov Pat McCrory gives Durham mayor Bill Bell an enthusiastic handshake after Google announced plans to host gigabit broadband in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Cary, Carrboro and Garner during a press conference Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at the N.C. Museum of History in Raleigh. Read more at Google bringing its high-speed Internet service to the Triangle in the Raleigh News Observer.

Google announced last February the The Charlotte Observer. Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon welcomed the chance to work with Google, especially since many observers have called such warp-speed Internet connections magnets for tech entrepreneurs.With that being said I am disgusted that our local city and county officials have missed such a grand opportunity to help our community grow into the technology meca I would like to have seen. Every city Google goes to see an impact.  In a recent study suggests that as gigabit services become available in more communities, the impact on economies and consumers is likely to be substantial. Indeed, if the 41 communities in their study without gigabit broadband were to adopt the new service, they could expect as much as $3.3 billion in incremental GDP. Furthermore, Early Evidence Suggests Gigabit Broadband Drives GDP posted by Fiber to The Home Council Americas research that be downloaded at Early Evidence Suggests Gigabit Broadband Drives GDP.
How does Google Fiber Compare to other Internet Service Providers:Google Fiber Google would not disclose exact prices for its planned Internet service in the Triangle, but the company said it would be on par with earlier deployments. In Austin, $70 per month gets the gigabit connection and a terabyte of Internet cloud storage, while the $130 monthly plan also includes 150-plus television channels. Subscribers can also get permanent access at lower speeds for a one-time $300 fee. AT&T offers a gigabit Internet connection for $120, and a TV-Internet bundle for $150. More competition may come online in the near future, too. In many cases, providers can juice more speed out of their existing networks by attaching new transmission equipment to their fiber-optic lines.

North State Fiber brings amazing things to your home. Gigabit Internet. Stunning HD. Limitless possibilities.On the other hand our friends just to the south, North State Communications is taking this as an opportunity to jump into the Greensboro market and deliver Gigabit fiber to homes and businesses in Greensboro. For my limited knowledge of North State Telephone they are a privately held, very profitable, cash rich family in High Point that has the capital to build their fiber network into Greensboro. North State is an innovative, forward-thinking communications and information technology company dedicated to meeting the needs of consumers and businesses in High Point, Thomasville, Archdale, Randleman, Jamestown, Trinity, Greensboro, Kernersville and beyond. Their goal is to provide the best, most technologically advanced products and services available supported by local, knowledgeable, friendly technicians and sales representatives. My long term speculation is that if North State builds a carrier-class fiber network in the Piedmont Triad it will long-term benefit them not because they will create a new revenue stream, but will build a value more than of their small private telephone company in High Point positioning themselves for an exit strategy that will pocket them many millions.

lck75xpcaThe competitive market internet savvy home bound tele-workers is about to become much better. I think with North State making the large multi-million dollar investment into the Greensboro community this should tell us that someone in High Point sees an opportunity to help us grow and have some competition. Maybe TW Cable and AT&T will pony up their game and improve their service, technology and pricing. TW Cable’s 50 year old coax cable radio signal technology know as DOCSIS 3.0 is outdated and has an end-of-life.

Time-Warner-Cable-LogoFrankly, living in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, being a business owner and a tax paying citizen,  I am fed up with only having two options TW Cable and AT&T. TW Cable has the worst technology and absolutely the worst customer service of any company I have ever had to deal with in my lifetime. I can say honesting I have had better experiences dealing with the IRS and the FCC than I have with TW Cable.

angry internet userEvery time it rains in Greensboro I am guaranteed to have internet problems. When school get out in the afternoon and kids get home to surf the net my access slows down. I have shown TW Cable router engineers problems they have in their core network and they only tell me they are doing the best they can with the resources they have because I am told unofficially that their capital improvements have been frozen until after the TW Cable – Comcast merger.

By they way if you think Time Warner Cable customer service is bad, wait until to talk to a Comcast customer service representative. Read the Criticism of Comcast Customer service posted on Wikipedia. It a miracle that they are still in business except they have a monopoly on the market. I will not go in to my beliefs to why they have a monopoly, only to say look at the lobbyist groups in Washington DC. Read Comcast and Time Warner Cable Spend $5 Million Lobbying in Q1, or  in Time Magazine online Why Comcast has 76 lobbyist working in Washington DC.

As the weeks continue I will have more post on our local internet access opportunities. Please feel free to post your comments.
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  1. I’d like to find out more about the North State Fiber equipment. They have announced they will be deploying in my Greensboro neighborhood in the next six months. How is the ethernet signal distributed through houses which do not have Cat5 cabling currently?

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